The game can be played (in theory) with a keyboard, gamepad or touch device. The controls for each are:

KEYBOARDZ / SwordX / MagicC / Potion
GAMEPADA / SwordB / MagicLT / Potion
TOUCHA / SwordB / MagicP.Icon / Potion

The game  have some bugs and "you win" when you defeat the three slimes (but nothing really happens)  so yeah, need to fix that :) 

I just barely finish it on time for the "Lartu's Mini-RPG One Week Jam" BUT I had trouble exporting it at the end  so I didn't actually made it for the Jam :( Anyway, is always nice the challenge of making a game in so little time :)


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just played it.  a lot of work in it for just one week.  Great job overall.  I would mention the glitches but you probably thready know them :D  nice.

Thanks! Yeah, it's full of them :D It take me a lot of time learning how the rpg games mechanics works and the true is that I wanted a turn based combat but I'm just really noob at programming so that wasn't possible in 7 days :P